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Behind the Curtain.

Most of you know me as a storyteller, a brain health enthusiast, a comedian, a mom, a fat-positive woman, and a person with a ridiculous amount of errant hair on my body.

What you MIGHT not know is that, by day, I work in the financial industry.


I’ll give it a minute for that to sink in.

I’ve spent nearly 20 years in retirement planning. At various points in time, I’ve carried the following licenses: Series 6, Series 63, Series 65, Life, Accident, & Health, Certified Retirement Counselor…other…licenses. It’s been a hot minute.

It’s possible that I have some pretty valuable knowledge you could use.

To be fair, I have some pretty valuable knowledge I could probably use.

I’ve worked for mutual fund companies, insurance companies, and a state pension organization. I can talk about budgeting, the various types of retirement savings vehicles, fund allocation, social security, health care options in retirement, flexible spending plans, health savings accounts, 529 plans, charitable donations, life insurance, Medicare, scholarships, interest accrual, AND MORE.

I also know about the emotional stress that is associated with financial planning, and about the fear that comes with retiring.



Fun fact: In the 90s, while working at a mutual fund company, I got a call from Shel Silverstein. Yes — THE Shel Silverstein. He was very angry about a $10 wire fee. Very, very angry. He’s dead now, so I won’t go any further with that story.

It is pronounced Silver-stine, by the way, rather than silver-steen. Somewhat related, the old school soap store at the mall that I may or may not have worked at while in high school? Crabtree and Evelyn? It’s not “Ehv-elyn.” It’s a long E at the beginning. Eeeevelyn. Mind. Blown.

I digress.

I’ve done one-on-one counseling. I’ve spoken to large groups. I’ve done a damn good job educating thousands of people about retirement planning.


I’ve spent the majority of my online life talking about anything other than my career, and I’ve been happy about that choice. However, I figured it was time to out myself.

I know a lot about money.

So, now you know. I feel so naked now. DON’T LOOK AT ME.

Go plan for your financial future. Or start saving money for your children’s future. Or binge-watch The Handmaid's Tale. You have options.

Interested in me writing more about financial education? Let me know. This post written in celebration of #NationalHonestyDay.

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