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Won't You Be My Neighbor?

Discovering the truth about ourselves is a lifetime’s work, but it’s worth the effort.
— Mister Rogers


My first word was "corny."

Mister Rogers had a character on his show who lived in the Neighborhood of Make-Believe named Cornflake S. Pecially. I'm not sure what kind of animal he was supposed to be. Maybe a chipmunk? I mean, I'm fairly certain he was some kind of rodent. Regardless, when "corny" fell out of my mouth, my mom jumped to the obvious conclusion that I was speaking to Corney, the puppet.

You know, this guy: 


He's not weird. And he's clearly a ... um, chipmunk. Marmot. Mouse with no eyelids. I dunno. But yes, my mom thought I was declaring my love for that guy.

It was much more likely that I was referring to my blanket. I had this satin (ish?) blanket that had a tag stitched on the corner that I could easily slip two of my fingers through so I can suck on them. Thumbs were not my jam. So, yeah, I was quite attached to the corner of my blanket. The CORNER.

My friend, Neha, posted online about how the USPS just rolled out the most incredible stamps ever.


HOW COOL IS THAT?! You can order them through the USPS website. I plan to do so and cover my walls with them. Or, one tiny patch of a wall. 

Gezellig af.

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