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A letter to my friend.

You have inspired me more than most to believe in myself and my power. You have always told me I am brave, and I can help people. You know more than I possibly ever will that I have a message that will touch people who think they are alone.

You, an expert in the field of mental health, you have told me I need to follow my heart and turn this into my life’s work. You have always communicated your unwavering faith in me. I haven’t said how deeply that has touched me. Every time you’ve said I need to get out there and speak more, touch more lives, save people, it has resonated in my heart in a way very few other messages have. For this, I’m grateful.

You are one of the most supportive people I know when it comes to showing up. You attend the performances. You laugh because we’re funny, not simply because you’re our cheerleader. You celebrate and reassure me of my quick wit and my talent onstage. You speak of the magic your daughter and I have when we perform improv together. You love what we create. As someone who has never really had that kind of support regarding theatrical pursuits, you have no idea how much that has touched me. Thank you for validating my talent as a comedian and reminding me how important and necessary it is to be silly and make people laugh.

You love my best friend with the purest of hearts. You make her smile, and you ensure she never doubts how much she is cherished. You light her up. Hell, you’re responsible for her existence. It is because of you that she is in my world. My life has changed forever because of her, because of you, and because of your amazing, magical family. You’re one hell of a father. Thank you for loving her as deeply as you do — as deeply as I do.

Most importantly, you have been my honorary father in Colorado. You embrace me, make me laugh, inspire me, and see me in ways I hope I can someday see myself. You have been stalwart in your love for me. You have changed my life, and shown me what it means to be a good parent — a loving, amazing, supportive parent. You’ve never spoken down to me or made me feel small. You make me feel important, and smart, and talented. You are a miracle in my life. There is no way to thank you for all of this, but I will never stop trying to remind you of the impact you have on me.

Your presence in my life has made an imprint on my heart that I cherish as a work of sacred art

Your presence in my life has made an imprint on my heart that I cherish as a work of sacred art

I love your devilish, smiling eyes. I love how you love your family and friends. I love you.

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