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There’s no “I” in Group

Awkward Yeti

In the past week, I’ve attended two support groups, and neither felt particularly supportive for me. Sad trombone.

Because my mom reads this and I don’t want to give the impression I’d developed a new drug habit from which I’m now trying to recover, rest easy, Mom. One was a bipolar group, and one was a weight loss group.

(If you ARE attending a support group specific to addiction and recovery, keep that shit up — you’re doing a wonderful job and me, along with countless others, are super proud of you)

(The weight loss group was not a support group for food addiction, which might have been the problem, now that I think about it)

To the defense of both support groups — these were the first meetings for both I’d attended. Maybe it takes time. Maybe I need to commit to attending more of both meetings before I write them off. Maybe I’m being impatient.

But! Maybe I’m not. Maybe I should trust my gut.

Do you ever try something out, not like it, but keep going because you feel like you should? Like, you’re worried you’re going to let someone else down if you stop doing something? I mean, not that there’s anyone in particular you’d be letting down. It’s a faceless someone. However, that faceless someone is very judgy and is not angry, JUST DISAPPOINTED.

Just me?

I’m not trying to be flippant. I know without question support groups help people. Hell, the two I attended were clearly lifelines for a few people.

I guess I seek community, more so than support. And yes, by definition, support groups and communities certainly look similar. But when I find a community, I know it, right away. I feel the “these are my people” vibe from the get-go. Then again, none of my communities have sprouted from support groups, either.

Kickass picture I found on Pinterest from Refinery29

So, what I’m saying is that this blog really doesn’t have a resolution. I’d love some insight from people. Am I missing something when it comes to support groups? Maybe the purpose isn’t to forge relationships, but rather just to merely show up and listen to others. If that’s the case, then maybe that’s it. Enlighten me.

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