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This year, I challenged myself to read 26 books. I didn’t do a bunch of reading last year — at least, I didn’t do a lot of mindful reading. This year, though, I am on it, thanks to the suggestion on the homepage of Goodreads. I’m already one book down, which is pretty impressive. I read The Rules of Magic by Alice Hoffman, and was reminded that books can make me cry. It’s really good, if you’re looking for a recommendation, by the way.

Books, cats, a warm mug of tea, and a comfy sweater? SIGN ME UP.

Also, I got a Kindle Paperwhite E-reader for Christmas. I’ve gone back and forth for years, mocking Kindles for not being “real books,” while also appreciating their convenience, size, and ease with which I can download books from the library (I’m not the only one). So, when I committed to the reading challenge, I figured I ought to at least try charging up the Kindle and downloading something.

YOU GUYS. I’d forgotten I could log into any library to download books. I belong to three different libraries in Denver alone. It’s one thing to go to a library and see they only have two copies of A Wrinkle in Time (totally want to reread this before the movie comes out), but then to remember you can download it? And you have several libraries at your disposal that you can peruse at your convenience? The world broke open.

In the midst of celebrating the ability to download books to my Kindle, I stumbled across audio books. I knew audio books existed, obviously. However, again, I forgot they could be downloaded! Somewhere during a cell phone upgrade, I forgot about Overdrive, and thus failed to put it on my phone, and this resulted in me completely forgetting that downloading audio books was even an option. So, a few days ago, I added the Libby app, and so far, I’m super happy about it.

I already downloaded and listened to You Are a Bad Ass once, and I’m on round two now. I figure I’m just going to listen to it over and over until the message sinks into my skin and finds its way to my place where shit gets done. It’s really awesome.

Should I count books I’ve listened to as books I’ve read? I’m thinking no. What are your thoughts? I’m still thinking no.

I’m up to my ears in it now. I’m reading The Interestings on my Kindle, I just checked out Rupi Kaur’s The Sun and Her Flowers as an actually book book from the library, and I have Pretty Girls on audio, plus, you know, Jen Sincero’s Badass book. On deck is Carry On, Warrior and the Outlander series.

The last few years have been dominated by non-fiction and memoir. I’m breaking open this year. Why did I stop reading so much? Just kidding — I know why. Looking at you, podcasts. Also, casting some serious side-eye at Netflix.

If this blog wasn’t already about books, I’d suggest we chat about Black Mirror, BUT NO. Today, we read.

My plans went awry.

Here, I Fixed It For You…