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Saying it out loud.

When you feel a particular way or aspire to achieve a particular goal, do you verbalize them? I was reminded of the importance of giving our feelings a voice on Sunday. It’s healthy. It takes emotions and dreams from your head to your heart. It makes your thoughts have a sound.

When I become overwhelmed, my head gets buzzy (for lack of a better word). You know those games where you drop a quarter into a wide funnel, and at the beginning, it lazily spins around, but as gravity takes over, that spinning becomes faster and faster until it plunks through the hole at the bottom? That’s my brain when I keep my mouth shut.

It can get to the point that thoughts are going so quickly I can’t identify what I’m feeling or what I want. It’s like the credits are rolling too fast for me to acknowledge anything. And I’m a speed reader, for what it’s worth.

To speak aloud, we don’t need an audience. We just need to hear ourselves say it. We need to set fear and self-judgment aside.

Today, I am bone tired. I am drained. I am sated. ← I did not say those out loud yet.

I am impatient. I am excited. I want to learn more. ← Those either.

It’s hard to tell your ego to go fuck itself. Be brave enough to give your thoughts a voice, even if you’re the only one around to hear them.

It’s well past when I should be napping, so I’m going to make this post brief. If you don’t follow me yet on Facebook, please search “Ma’am and Cheese” on there if you’re curious about seeing more content. I intend to do a video recording, if not later today, then tomorrow, and put a voice to some of this so that I’m practicing what I’m preaching. Today, on the page. Tomorrow, also on the page, but via video. Subtle difference.

Sweet Jesus I’m tired.

Hear me.