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Proud Mary

My incense is giving me life.


A friend of mine is a kick-ass kitchen witch. Close to a year ago, she invited me to create my own incense, using her wisdom and my intuition as to what I needed most.

She visited today, and seeing her inspired me to fire up Proud Mary. Big shocker — this was a brilliant idea. It’s helped me to chill out a bit and nibble away at little pieces of things I want to accomplish.

My passion goals (unrelated to my current state of healing), in case I haven’t given them voice in some time:

  • Write more. And get paid to do it.
  • Set up a legitimate vlog where I speak primarily to my journey with mental illness.
  • Start up a podcast with one or two like-minded friends.
  • Learn how to become a speaker for hire.
  • Spend more time onstage telling stories, making people laugh, and inspiring others.

Do you know about these things? Can you offer me insight or guidance? Interested in mentoring me? I am yours. Currently, at the encouragement of Ron Doyle (a brilliant man), I am reading The Renegade Writer.

Today is better. I’m going to drink more water, read more stuff, and breathe some outdoor air. And Tina Turner.



How am I doing?