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Little Things.

Today, as I was driving home, I passed two boys ambling down the sidewalk. One of them, a curly-headed kid with a ball cap on, was waving enthusiastically at all the cars as they sped by. He looked so hopeful.


I waved back, because why wouldn’t I, and as soon as he recognized my response he grinned, bent his elbow and drew it back, balled his hand into a fist, and pumped his arm, celebrating as though he’d hit a home run.

All because of a friendly wave.

Yesterday, my friend Jamie was telling me a story of how a couple of her friends had asked to spend some time at her house while she was at work, and she arrived home to all of her walls covered in post-it notes of little love letters from her friends. “You’re gorgeous!” “We love you!”

She said it was probably the nicest thing anyone had done for her before.

This is an inside Post-It note joke.

People need to do stuff like this more often, me included. We need to bestow acts of kindness on our friends just because. There’s enough crap going on in the larger world around us to cause people to forget the importance of connecting with each another on a simpler, more affectionate level.

Life is too damn short. Be gentler. Forgive. Open up. Laugh more. Notice the little things.

A panic attack descended today.

This post has been postponed until tomorrow because kid barf.