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It has been a curious 2017 so far, emotionally.

At what point do I stop running away? Now.

It has been a curious 2017 so far, emotionally. I‘m sure it’s been evident through my inconsistent writing. That changes today. There will be new posts twice weekly in my blog — Mondays and Fridays.

Everything I’ve been running from has come forth to meet me. Over and over, I’ve been reminded that my mind is brilliant, and imaginative, and so susceptible to fear.

My mind has confused change with danger for decades. It has made the unfamiliar an enemy. And I’ve been actively battling my anxiety for the past six months, unplanned. I have been at war with myself. I didn’t even realize it was happening.

I haven’t been the best version of myself. But as it’s Mother’s Day (and I will forever remember my therapist’s words to me, when he told me to treat myself as I would my daughter), I choose to forgive myself today.

This is the moment I proclaim myself a successful writer, speaker, and businesswoman. I become a stand-up comedian this week. My full potential as a fundraiser is about to become known and admired. I am a woman ready to own my highest potential.

I am surrounded by greatness for a reason. I am loved for a reason. Opportunities appear before me for a reason. And it’s not my job to figure out why they’ve appeared, or why I deserve these things.

I’m technologically stunted.

Selling a home can be fun!