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The plight of the extrovert.

Yes. I am outgoing and like being around people. I’d tell you to your face if you’d let me.

On the internet, it seems (to me) like the only type of -vert that gets any positive attention is the introvert. I realize that complaining about this only furthers my assumed need as an extrovert to garner some attention, but I think that lends itself more to narcissism than extroversion. I think. Anyway. The introverts are the popular kids online. Try to convince me otherwise.

You might not say it, but you sure as heck can type it.

Introverts have memes all over the place about how much they prefer to be at home and alone and how all people are just “ugh” and whew don’t have to socialize but holy cow WE ALL LIVE ONLINE TOGETHER.

The vast majority of the people I love the most online are the introverts, so it would seem. I can’t tell you the number of times someone has declared themselves as an introvert, only to receive a chorus of typed, “OMG ME TOO!” comments. I’m pretty sure 90% of the people reading this are introverts, because, you know, the internet.

Even if I’m online and interacting with others constantly, I reach a point where I have to recharge in the presence of lots of other people. This does not mean I like really loud places (I normally don’t), or I have to be the center of attention (only sometimes), or, when I go out, I do so with the intent to talk only and never listen (although, occasionally…).

For the record, I’m a hell of a good listener. I like both the talking and the listening. I appreciate communicating with people, period. Be it in person, on the phone, via text, online — I will take it any way I can get it. Ready for things to get weird? My least favorite mode of communication is texting.


Does this seem like an introvert-bashing post? It’s not, I swear. This is more of an “in defense of me” post. Dang. Now I want to erase it. Ha. I’m old. Erasing is so 1980s. I mean, pencils — am I right?!

I guess I just want to say this: I love you, introverts. Please don’t be scared away because I like people out loud. Well, be a little scared.

Also, I’m a hugger. Yeah, I’m that guy.

And my handshakes are also very firm.

The state of the nation is bad for my health.

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