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If at first you don’t succeed…

Crawl into your pity cave and pretend nobody notices your absence.

Totally getting this embroidered on a pillow.

Always a good sign, when upon returning to the blogosphere, the first thing you want to do is apologize, right? HOLY HELL. And, as a matter of fact, you’re right, I haven’t seen my therapist this month. Not once.

I’ve got this.

All the things are in my head. My latest magic trick has been putting all the things on the back burner because I somehow lost my computer charger cord. Without my (own) computer, obviously I had no ability to blog, set goals, write thank you notes, research companies, seek out advocates, design business cards, or learn Wordpress. I mean, obviously.

Except that my husband has a perfectly fine computer he rarely uses. It’s the one I’m on right now. Oh, and upon learning that I was avoiding life by blaming my lack of a cord, he promptly got on Amazon and ordered me a new one. It will be here Friday.

So, I’m getting back on the Monday and Friday schedule again (she says, on a Wednesday). Upon posting this sucker, I’m going to do something else crazy, like log into a gmail account I haven’t checked for six months, maybe do some Twitter for the podcast. Is that how you say it? “Do some Twitter?” I’m going to assume it is.

I’m not old. You’re old.

True story: My mother posted a picture of the dinner she made earlier this evening on Facebook, and a friend of hers commented with, “You rock!” She said that about cauliflower steaks.

Non sequitur.

The Older Entrepreneuer

Here we are on election night.