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I voted. End scene.

Fade to black. Hide in corner.

I’m going to be selfish and tell you how this election season has impacted me.

It’s made me sad, because at this point the candidates only seem to be running campaigns that serve to scare the shit out of people. It’s no longer, “Vote for me!” but rather, “Don’t vote for THAT guy because END OF DAYS.”

I wonder how kids feel about democracy right now. I need a PG-rated cheat sheet on how to educate my fourth grader after this election is over. Hell, I need a PG-rated cheat sheet on how to educate myself on this election cycle.

I’m disappointed when I think of how many billions of dollars have been spent on this shit show. Eh, more specifically, I’m disappointed about the money spent attacking opponents.

If our children ran for student council like our adults run for office, we’d be appalled.

This is a time where I really wish I could tap into my anger. This is also a time where I wish I could redirect my hate and fear and instead invest some time in performing random acts of kindness.

I need someone to hold me and remind me that despite all the ugliness out there, America is still a good place, and love is stronger than hate.

Be the change you wish to see, right? Oof. How do we still have faith in each other? What is it we pray for? Where do we find peace with our neighbors?

I see you, tipping point. I’m pretty sure we’re all ready to crest over the hill.


Here we are on election night.

Embracing the suck.