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Slightly Alive

The past month has been brutal, and seeing as I’ve already missed two of my weekly posts, I was reluctant to pick it up again, because, you know, self-defeating behaviors. However, I’m here!

True story.

I stayed up last night, “watching” game seven of the World Series through Twitter, and I am so glad I did. Am I a baseball person? No. But! I am an enormous fan of unbridled joy. The Internet was so fucking happy last night.

As a general rule, I like it when people aren’t assholes. This is why I removed Facebook from my phone and have really started making a concerted effort to choose my social media platforms more carefully. It is way too easy to get sucked into all the ugliness online. And given that we’re at the peak of this election season, it’s about as gross as gross can get.

If those of us who voted early could be rewarded by no longer seeing political ads online, on television, or in our mailbox, that would be THE COOLEST. Get on it, people.

See? I fell down the bitchy rabbit hole in no time flat. That wasn’t even on purpose. I’d much rather claw my way upwards than be catapulted down a hill.

Note: I was just reminded of the mud slide in Romancing the Stone. Hell yes, Michael Douglas and Kathleen Turner. Now I need to watch that movie again.

Just look at all this sexiness.

OOH! I just realized I get to wear jeans to work tomorrow! (Kids, this is the sort of thing you get to look forward to when you become a grownup.)

My daughter has started referring to everyone as “bruh.” She’s nine.

I shaved my legs today.

I’m about two-thirds of the way through knitting a sock.

I am totally caught up on Reign and iZombie, thanks to Netflix.

Heck yes.

I get to do a workshop with Brene Brown on Saturday.

Scorpios. Brunch. Dubsmash. Yoga pants. Affectionate cats. Heavy blankets. GIFs. Friends getting new jobs. Wine. These are a few of my favorite things.

Unrelated: I discovered last night that I’ve reached the age where decaf coffee suddenly makes sense to me.

Recognizing that being mostly dead still means slightly alive is also something to celebrate. And also the Cubs.

Bubble Girl.

Bed is my happy place when I’m sad.