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Pssst…people on the left…

We HATE the people on the right!

Let’s talk about politics!

I kid. Let’s not. Please. I’d rather snort quinoa up my nose.

If you’re familiar with Paula Poundstone, you’re familiar with the title. So, if you’re not, check her out on YouTube, appreciate that some stranger introduced you to a brilliant comedian, and then come back.

It’s taking me a long time to actually get to what I sat down to write about. Why? BECAUSE PEOPLE CAN SEE ME NOW.

My cover has been blown. Dammit.

So, I’m not quite sure how it happened, but an amazingly lovely person named Aura who has roughly a million equally lovely friends (I’m rounding) stumbled across my blog and said some kind things about my writing. Lots of people started reading what I’d written.

And then! I find out the following day that freaking Medium featured my previous post on its homepage. What?! How?

This is awkward for me.

On one hand, I’ve been saying, “I want to be a writer!” forever, so having people see my stuff and think, “OK, cool. This is pretty decent,” is fantastic. But it’s my writing. I feel kind of vulnerable now.

Side note: I realize that I’m a writer already. I write. But you know what I mean. Carry on.

I’m a comedian and public speaker. I can get up in front of hundreds of people and throw down with some improv scenes. I can tell you an obscenely embarrassing story as long as I’m onstage. But YOU, right now, are not seeing me. Or maybe you’re seeing me more. I’m not sure which it is. That’s probably why I feel uncomfortable.

Boom. Mind blown.

This is what I look like when I’m having deep thoughts. And also I’m Ron Swanson.

To be honest, yesterday, when I saw the stats on my account, it made me really excited. Do you know what feeling feels super similar to excited?

Fucking nervousness.

No. Inaccurate. Grammar.


Allow me to speak for all people who have been diagnosed with generalized anxiety disorder (because sweeping generalizations always work): Having to check in with yourself multiple times throughout the day to make sure you’re still excited and not nervous? It’s super weird.

I’m going to be emceeing a show tomorrow night in front of a few hundred people, and I’m more nervous (excited?) about writing this blog post right now, than I am thinking about Ignite Denver.

It’s this. I feel like this:


In short, I’m so excited that you can see me now. Also, I know next to nothing about Medium etiquette, so bear with me as I try to hop around and ‘like’ comments and highlight things and all of you seem to know each other and it’s very overwhelming but you’re so great and thank you. Thank you thank you thank you.

Oh, and also, I’m supposed to be posting things on Mondays and Thursdays, which is soon to become Mondays and Fridays because of scheduling, but I’m really wanting to say thank you sooner rather than later, so this is being published now. I like lengthy sentences. And girthy sentences.

I’m just going to stop.

Pineappling. Plopping. Plunking.

But will I gain weight?