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Observations on a weekend.

I have knit, messed up, and ripped out the same project roughly ten times so far. It’s a birthday gift, due in three weeks. I’m impressed I haven’t given up yet. The friend for whom it’s for has overcome so many things over the course of the past year. She has triumphed. And so, I shall do the same with her present. METAPHOR.

Fair warning: I attended a poetry open mic night at the Mercury Cafe tonight in downtown Denver. It’s all twinkle lights and passionate people. They have a swamp cooler that doesn’t work so well and they don’t take credit cards. It’s beautiful. Having gone to the event, I’m having to fight the urge to turn every sentence into something I could speak onstage. This is my poem. It is a blog within a poem within a blog. Snap your fingers for me.

I cleaned today. Tonight, after coming home from the poetry night, I actually managed to maneuver throughout the downstairs in the dark without falling over anything, or stepping on a single Littlest Pet Shop toy. That’s a massive win, and should be used as ongoing motivation to keep things tidy.

I have to remind myself that what’s important with this blog is that I write. It’s not about content (not really), it’s building the habit of writing. I deserve a schedule. I am capable of doing this. As I get more accustomed to writing on a set schedule, my writing will become less…this. I might do something wild, like have a theme.

Can I pull things from old journals? That feels like cheating. I could do it, though. Obviously, this is not something I pulled. But going forward, you never know.

I did pull out my old copy of poemcrazy. I’m going to find one of those 30-day challenges that has to do with writing, creativity, words — whatever. I want to do one. More importantly, though, I want to sleep. Right now.

Finger snaps. Make noises, like you just ate something really delicious. Nod with understanding. I bow, and crawl into bed.


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