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These are the apps I know, I know

These are the apps I know, I know


I had a bag phone in high school. Then a flip phone. Then a blackberry. Then, slowly but surely, everything evolved, and I wound up holding a smart phone. Let’s mourn my bag phone for a minute.

Right, so the smart phone. I never know which apps to upload, which to keep, when to use them, etc. While I have a Google search bar (I think that qualifies as a “widget”), I still open the Chrome app to look for things. I’ve installed and removed Words with Friends and Snapchat way too many times to count. I think I have two weather apps on my phone, but I don’t know where the one is I want to remove. My music app this week is Pandora. Sometimes it’s Slacker.

Fun fact: Once MP3s came along, I stopped collecting my own music library. I have absolutely no music of my own on anything. That makes me so sad. I’ve never committed to an MP3 player. Do they still have those, even? Or, are we onto something else?

I really should just be shot back to 1995.

I use an app called Timely for my alarm, but I only do that because I’m afraid to install a new one and not know how to use it. Currently, the mindfulness app I’m using is called Insight Timer, which, believe it or not, I’d highly recommend.

The regulars are on there — Facebook, Twitter, Gmail. I also have Pinterest and Netflix. In order to navigate around town, I use Waze, despite knowing that it’s been hacked and people can easily follow you around, etc. It gets me where I need to go.

Oh, and for ride-sharing, I install Lyft, I catch my ride, I remove Lyft. I’m always concerned about running out of space on my phone. I probably “clean” it too much.

If I’m tired of Netflix, I turn to Podcast Addict or Audible.

My favorite app is the simplest thing on my phone: The Attitudes of Gratitude app. I probably could go to something fancier, but it works for me.

What am I missing? If you’re about to suggest Reddit, don’t. I’ve tried. I can’t figure it out. It’s confusing. Much like Snapchat, I think it’s too cool for me. I think I could do Instagram successfully if I knew which accounts to follow.

What are the necessary apps on your phone? What lifts your spirits? Do I have the most boring smartphone ever? Enlighten me.

I couldn’t find a good image to go with this blogpost, so instead, I give you this:

It’s a tree carved in a leaf. Lorenzo Duran is amazing.

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