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Short fuse.

The vast majority of my day was spent looking at Halloween decorations for the house, and ideas for my sugar skull I'm entering in a decorating contest for Pandora on the Hill. I figure that as long as I stay invested in creating something(s), I'll be OK.

Tonight, though, my nerves are just shot. A coworker at work was not able to pick up on nonverbal cues to leave me alone. We went out to dinner and had a bad customer service experience with a less than enthusiastic waitress. My daughter came into our bedroom at 5:30 this morning because of nightmares, which is totally fine, but tonight she's overtired and zipping around with no attention span whatsoever. It's REALLY exhausting.

As a total aside, if I never have to see the Sprint commercial with the zombie again, I'd be totally OK with that. The Denver local channels like to play that commerial all the freaking time.

I need to unclench my jaw. Whew.

I feel like I should write something.

Here's what won't be happening.