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Here's what won't be happening.

It was suggested by two people today that perhaps I should go to the hospital. Sometimes, just hearing you've reached a point where your loved ones are considering hospitalization as an option is enough to do...something. I came downstairs. I read a book with my daughter. I dropped the idea that I was going to stop taking medication because I felt there was no point.

I did stay home and opted out of rehearsal tonight, a decision for which I'm trying not to beat myself up about too much. If I could continue skipping out on obligations right now, I likely would. The urge is to simply fester, doing nothing.

The good news is this: I won't. The bad news is that I have to play the fake it 'til I make it game in the meantime. One step in front of the other, one moment at a time, etc. I'll be calling my therapist tomorrow, and doing some nice things for myself.

Thank you to those of you who reached out to me today. I was really surprised, and extremely grateful.

Short fuse.