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Mind. Full.

My brain needed a time out this evening. With an impending business trip tomorrow, I've been struggling today with remaining present. This morning, I attended the early church service, where we talked about the essence of being.

Essence has always been a word I've joked about, as an aside. It's a word that seems silly to me. I can't take it seriously. And it came up not once, but twice today. First at church, and then during my guided meditation.

So instead of sitting here and attempting to be all spiritual and deep, I'll ignore that urge and just remind you and me that I can't take shit too seriously - not when people are trying to remind me of my essence.

That's a word that would be used in one of my very formulaic historical romance novels I turn to when I need a break. Maybe that's why I find it so funny - I can see the words on the pages in my mind, referring to a highland lass, a Scottish warrior, and their first interlude together - blah blah blah, nest of curls, woman's essence.

Yep, I think that's it. They do that, too - refer to pubic hair (on the women, at least) as a nest of curls. And I don't mean one author, I mean several. This has nothing to do with anything, but it always makes it seem so serene. Oh, look, she has such a docile vagina. How calm, like a spring day at dawn. Dewy.

Take that where you will.

Mentally, I'm about 13 right now, and that's totally acceptable.