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The secret to successful meditation for me has definitely been the inclusion of mantras. In the past, I never knew what to say, or when, or what they meant. The challenge I'm doing for the next 16 days spells it out for me, and they truly serve to get me out of my head.

I've also got to note that doing a meditation when I'm not practically passing out on the couch is significantly more effective.

Today has been a quiet day, one where I felt I should be doing more than I did. I slept in, had breakfast, dropped a game off at a friend's house, went to a doctor's appointment, returned library books, and came home. A few more errands were run, I did some knitting....and yet, I still feel like I should be doing more. Cleaning, meal planning, going out and socializing, something. Oh, we played Scrabble tonight as a family, too, during a thunderstorm that yielded to a double rainbow. That was outstanding.

For the second night in a row, I don't have anything particularly worthwhile to write about. Tomorrow I'm going to the early church service and then get to have brunch with a friend I haven't seen in ages, and afterwards, hopefully, some cleaning and food preparing will be done.

I go out of town on Monday. Two days away. I'm a little nervous. The good news is, though, that overall, I'm doing alright today, and I'm staying home tonight and just being lazy.So here's to reading, knitting, and watching a movie.

Mind. Full.