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Law of Attraction

Today, I was emailing a dear friend of mine, and I posed the question: How does the law of attraction work in conjunction with the realistic need to have low times and allowing yourself to be sad?

I don't have an answer to the question. I'm sure there's stuff online I could read. And I also suppose that even though you're going through a bad time, you can still know you have a good life. It's hard to keep that awareness in place when you slip into a low point.

I was in a dark place today. I can't remember what I wrote the last time I was on here, but my work environment is in disarray and as such, my routine is for crap right now, particularly because I'm learning about how to do an entirely new job right now.

I'm a definite proponent of the Law of Attraction, but I don't think it means that you disregard sad times (like the book Bittersweet so aptly discusses). It's the acceptance of those moments that makes life real. Without the downs we don't get the ups.

My medication got tweaked again yesterday. It's a process. And tonight, my process includes mac & cheese and some frozen yogurt.