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My stomach is full, my mind is full, and my to-do list is full. I'm overwhelmed right now, because I haven't sat down and really just broken down what I need to do to put it in perspective.

Not facing the stuff I have to do makes it appear so much more challenging. And these aren't even things I'm dreading; they're good things. Exciting plans and stuff that will enrich my life are right there, and I just need to make a list.

Tomorrow my daughter goes back to work, which is amazing, and stuff is happening.  Right now, I'm reluctant to keep writing because there are so many books to read and projects to knit and letters to write and and and.


This is the time I need to meditate. I fell behind with my 21-day challenge, and I've been berating myself about it. And I know I've said this before, but beating oneself up for not meditating is one of the silliest exercises. Life is silly. Brains are silly. Let it go.

That's it. I'm off to meditate now.

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