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Step in the right direction.

I really don't have a hell of a lot to say tonight. My day was spent sleeping, watching bad movies, and sleeping. It's one of those precipice times, where I know I'm about to do something significant. I'm excited to figure out what the hell it is that I'm gonna do.

I'll tell you this much: Tomorrow, I intend to walk out the door looking fabulous. I'm going to savor my first cup of coffee. I'm going to write an exceptionally touching thank you note. I'm going to be productive. I'm going to do some goal setting and I am finally, finally going to start letting go of people in my life who drag me backwards. I saw a quote earlier today on Pinterest that gave me pause:

I'm going to put together a board of quotes like these. This one in particular seems really valid right now. Here's where I'm at today; the only thing I have looming in front of me is possibility. I mean, that's pretty cool, right?

Tomorrow, I'm going to create something, take a walk, clean something up, smile at people, and enjoy myself. Because I can. And if something shitty happens, so be it, but I'll be more focused on the moving forward that on the stewing. I've spent four days being sick and stewing about it now, and I'm pretty much over myself. Recovery mode has kicked in. I mean, I got to eat something that required chewing this evening. That in itself deserves a reward.

Hope you have a beautiful night and a glorious tomorrow. That's certainly my plan.

Made it!

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