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It's Father's Day, a few friends have birthdays, we've been invited to a barbeque, and all I want to do is sit alone, preferably in the bathtub, and thoroughly drown out the world on my day off. I also want sushi and chardonnay. Raw fish can stay away from the tub, but wine while I'm soaking wouldn't be a bad thing.

Enough about me, because now I'm feeling a bit guilty. Today I celebrate my dad, because he's one of the smartest, most loving men I know. When I was younger, I used to think he looked just like Magnum P.I. And, well, that's because he did.

I look up to him a lot. I don't know if he knows that. He's unconditionally loved by me. Whew, and I just made myself cry.

To all the fathers and father-figures out there, and all of you celebrating birthdays, know you're loved.

I want to write more, but now all I can think about is chardonnay, so a trip to the store is in order. I think crossing the halfway-point of 30 Days of Blog warrants a drink, anyway. I think for the rest of the days of June, I'm going to plan ahead and use writing prompts. I'll get in less trouble that way. :)

Happy Sunday!


Droopy eyelids.