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Job Well Done.

Life is actually really simple, but we insist on making it complicated. - Confucius

It's true, in my case. There are activities in my normal routine that I've determined to expect  problems and likely a less than pleasant experience. The easy question to ask here is, "Why do I keep on doing it?" right? I don't know! There's this tiny piece of hope that something or someone is going to surprise me.

Good news is that it totally happened last night. I got to watch a team come together and make something fantastic happen. It made my heart big, as corny as that may seem.

...and then I came home to be reminded of the sleepover I'd promised my daughter. She needs to be renamed She Who Prefers to Sleep Perpendicular, or perhaps I Steal Your Body Heat By Trying To Snuggle May Way Back Into You In My Sleep. That second one is a bit long, but accurate.

Today I'm doing to check out the Chalk Art Festival, which I'm really looking forward to doing - someone is creating Flaming June! 

I also get to see a friend about a thing with the stuff. At the house with the door. Ooh! Maybe I'll look at some more home decorating ideas.

I still have zero understanding of this new deal where I wake up before six everyday, regardless of when I go to bed. I'm already  anticipating an awesome nap in my future.


I'm kickin' it off 'cuz I'm old school.