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I want you to know, but I don't want you to know.

Stupid Facebook. I'm writing in here and building up courage about accepting who I am, and the social media site of doom has gone and posted it to the world. I'm not OK with that, hence the weird new name and unrecognizable picture.

Years and years ago, I'd written something on a former journal about being irritated, and lo and behold, person who had irritated me stumbled across it. I guess that's one of the risks of the internet, when you're talking about your life. I guess that could also be the allure of fiction.

I was cursed with the inability to fib well.

My interview today was spectacular. I'm about to take a bath, read a book, and invest in some serious relaxation prior to performing at ten tonight, because I earned it.

All the good things, all the bad things - that may be...

...know when to run.