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Houston, there is a problem.

Presently, I'm lying on the couch downstairs, watching hockey by myself. And I find myself following it, too.

I went from being mostly fine yesterday to being horribly ill last night, resulting in a case of acute tonsilitis and strep throat...OOH! FIGHT!

Right, anyway. I am learning that commercials during sporting events are much more entertaining than others. Oh, and there are a lot of ads about money management.

So, I feel pretty rotten today. I haven't been sick in quite some time, and this descended with such speed, it just caught me off-guard. My day has been spent sleeping, reading, bathing, sucking on sore throat drops, and watching hockey. I'm fortunate this happened on a weekend.

I would pay a small fortune for someone to stick tiny ice skewers in my ears, gently, allowing them to melt and cool off my ear canals.

I totally forgot I was blogging.

Here: A fun picture.


Right then. Nope, I lied, I don't know what kind of picture to post. Here's hoping my antibiotics kick in fast so I can attend the workshop in the morning. Say a little prayer.


Major Goal Accomplished.