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Getting better takes work, guys. Whoa nelly.

I feel badly about not journalling yesterday, but I got home last night at a reasonable hour, and due to the fact that I'm fairly certain a dragonfly (perhaps a small bird) was blown into my eye while sitting on a patio during happy hour, thus turning my eyeball into an angry, raging red orb of throbbing pain, I didn't really have it in me to sit down and plunk out some thoughts via the keyboard.

Was that one sentence? Jesus, I think it was.

This entire week has been a long, weird one. From getting sick and being forced into rest, to changing up my medication yet again, to finally hearing word about the job interview I had - it was just really taxing. An abundance of good news has come from it: I am slowly, but surely, getting better, and I got the job, so yay!

Amoxicillin does a crazy number on my stomach, I'm learning. I don't think I've been on a 10-day course of anything in years, much less getting sick enough to warrant such a prescription, so I'm still wiped out. I worked my dinner theatre job tonight, thinking it'd be pretty easy, because honestly, it's pretty easy, but it sucked just about everything out of me.

Plus!! My table left us zip for gratuity, which is ridiculous. My "date" and I were lovely company and had great rapport with them; it was a slap in the face to not receive any kind of monetary thank you for it.

So, I'm home now, and utterly wiped out. My eye is still irritated, and my stomach is angry, and I think the powers that be are trying to teach me a lesson in slowing life down and giving myself time to get better. My getting up again from getting knocked down takes longer than I gave it credit for. I just referenced Chumbawamba, so obviously I'm on the mend.

I think I'll save the talk about my job announcement for tomorrow - or another day, in general, because it deserves more attention than I'm willing to give it right now. I'm happy with myself for not trying to cram everything into my day that I'd intended to cram in there, because then I'd be dead instead of merely exhausted at this point in time. I missed out on doing some extra work I'd volunteered to do, and didn't make it to a pool party which I'd anticipated attending, but I did get to see one of my favorite people earlier today, had a great lunch, worked with nice people tonight, and came home to an awesome presentation of balloons and a poster, some adorable cards, and homemade brownies thanks to my family. And hey, no further injury was imposed on my person today, and I'm pretty positive I'm too loaded up on antibiotics to catch anything, really, so those are pluses, too.

Tonight, I'm hoping to get some much-deserved rest, and that I wake up tomorrow with significantly less stomach distress. There's next to nothing on the calendar for tomorrow, save for one itty-bitty business meeting, so I think I get to take it easy and spend more time doing what I should have been more of all week - relaxing.