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Nasty word. Nastier exercise.

But! Before I get into that, I'm happy to share that I'm feeling better. Honest. Emotionally, mentally, and physically, today was about as opposite a day from yesterday as imaginable. Granted, I'm totally wiped out now, but I actually crested whatever hill of sickness I needed to crest and am now tumbling down the much grassier, friendlier side towards health.

Lily is throwing a monster tantrum in the bathtub right now. Wow.

Anyway, seeing my body do what bodies do with the whole healing business, I decided to help it along today by gargling with salt water three times, and hydrogen peroxide, soon to be twice. The salt water is bad, but manageable. The hydrogen peroxide defies description. It is SO VILE. But if it means that my throat, tonsils, and uvula will return to a state of normalcy, I'm willing to do it.

There are several people down for the count at work; it appears that strep is going around, as is bronchitis. I'm grateful I got on the antibiotics as soon as I did.

I got some super awesome news to round out my day at work, too, which I will go into detail about further tomorrow. I pinky swore I'd not tell until then. Just think good thoughts and know that the universe shifted in my favor this afternoon.

Here are two completely unrelated articles that made me smile today:

This video from Huff Post Good News, and this AMAZING article from Buzzfeed. I'm going to buy a keyboard and take up rowing immediately.

Alright then. Medication has been taken, and hydrogen peroxide beckons. Barf.


Made it!