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Yesterday, my doctor suggested writing down what I believe. He then said that in order for it to be, I  had to think it. So, in lieu of complaining about petty shit on here (I will likely complain about it somewhere else), I'll write about what I believe is true.

I believe that innately, everyone is good and pure at their core. I think everyone deserves kindness and gentleness, including ourselves. I believe that self-care needs to be brought to the forefront with an exclamation point and kids and adults alike need to learn (or relearn) how to love themselves.
I believe that self-care is paramount and requires dedication.

I also believe that we need to learn to forgive more often with less effort. We need more acceptance in this world. We also all need to understand that everyone has the inner critic and sometimes, folks are just having bad days, and it's not our fault.

We shouldn't have to pretend we are someone other than who we are. The gregarious shouldn't be told to be quiet, the shy shouldn't be told to be loud. I believe what makes us different is what makes us perfect. I believe our role as beings is to elevate spirit. I believe we need to complain less and celebrate more.

We should treat others as we would be treated. We should treat ourselves as we would treat others. We should accept compliments, and give them freely. We should say I love you whenever it strikes us that we do, in fact, love someone. I believe everyone needs to touch more - hug, hold hands, make love, high five, all of it. More.

We need to recognize our job is not to solve problems. We don't have a job. We are here to manifest emotion and do the best with what we have.  I believe we need to slow down, and that we all need to step away from technology on a regular basis for ourselves, as that's the best way to recharge.

I'm drinking wine out of a coffee cup, typing this while in the bathtub soaking with lemon ginger oil. And that's how it's done. Bam.

I'm a lefty, but tonight I'm a writey.

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