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In 23 days, I'll have hit 100 blog posts on here. I don't know why that struck me as momentous tonight, but it did. I am tired. Tie. Red. My day kicked off with no caffeine and a follow-up visit to the doctor, so it shouldn't be a surprise that I'm wiped at 9:30.

Girl is going on a diet. I am pretty sure I've been saying I've been on a diet for almost two decades, but I mean it this time. I have a doctor impressing on me the need to lose weight. I also have a mammoth support network of friends who want to help me get healthier in every sense of the word.

I'm fighting the urge to be yet another of the overweight many who complain about how I don't eat like a sow and I do move around. I just don't aim for skinny. Skinny girls aim for skinny. Anyway, starting tomorrow, it's on like Donkey Kong.

I have no clue why I said that.

I have sixty pounds to lose. If anyone wants to come up with a reward system for me, do let me know. I feed off (ha!) the positive. Oh! On the subject of winning things, I won a skydiving experience today. Indoor. I was ready to hand it off to a friend, but she insists that I do it, knowing full well that it will wind up being a ridiculous story, and she's right. So, in the near future, I will be fake falling in a building for three minutes.

On the subject of healthy things, I attempted quinoa last night. It came out gummy. Quinoa isn't supposed to be gummy. I'm presuming I used too much water. Still tastes good, if by "taste" we mean flavorless grain to which we had vegetables and whatnot. Maybe next time I'll try doing it with stock instead of water. Who knows.

Sixty pounds. I get dessert once a week, red meat once a week, 1800-2000mg/sodium a day, and ...something else. This doctor means business, so evidently, I do, too.

No rest for the restless.