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My husband has tinnitus. He has told me that when his ears are ringing, it helps to draw attention away from it by randomly breaking into song. Which he does. All the time. And it's never an entire song, it's just a line or two - enough to lodge the earworm quite firmly in my brain.

Consequently, when I'm overwhelmed with my day, or...not even overwhelmed, that's being too melodramatic...when I'm done with my day and not having to socialize and we're all just relaxing, all I want is silence. I don't mind white noise, so if there's a fan going, or the washing machine is on (which it is, right now), it's soothing, and decompressing.

I need to figure out a compromise here. What immediately pops into mind is procuring some earbuds for at home, but then I look like I'm being antisocial and pouty, and I'm not. It's like I have this itty-bitty piece of introversion that needs rejuvenating, more than in years past, and quiet feeds it.

I'd be worried about appearing passive-aggressive if I knew my husband read my blog, but as far as I know, he doesn't. He must know I have one, as he sees me writing in it fairly regularly, but he's never asked for the link, or seemed inclined to ask about what I'm writing about. I'm not sure whether to be happy that I'm so blindly afforded my privacy, or irritated that he wouldn't be interested in what I'm writing. Huh.

There are books that need reading, and sleep that needs sleeping, and all that jazz. He didn't just sing that one, by the way. I got a West Side Story line moments ago, belted from upstairs.

Oh, hey, this is random, but if any of you reading this know if there is a tie between being gluten-free and having a little more control of mood swings, would you link some articles in the comments, or email them to me? The psychiatrist threw it out there, but I've never heard of the correlation before.