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Wendy Whiner.

I took cranky up a notch today, and my daughter followed suit. It was a long day. Good things did happen, though.

I slept in a bit.
There was work done at the office.
The weather today was gorgeous.
I got my hair snipped by one of my favorite people ever.
My family got to hook up with a wonderful old friend from Kansas City who we hadn't seen for years.
Green chile beer cheese soup was consumed.
One of my best friends got married.

All I can think about right now is how I want to get off the couch to remove my contacts and take some headache medicine, but I can't muster the energy and motivation needed to actually move. The ups and downs of the past several weeks resulted in a serious confusion of my hormones (go figure), and as a result, my cycle got all kinds of ridiculously delayed, and now my system is playing catch up. I'm a bloated, crampy, short-tempered mess.

I now have a kitty resting on my chest, purring his little heart out. Time for me to take a mental time out and just breathe for a bit. Whoosh.


Happy place.