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Missed my window.

We say that when we've passed the point of return with Lily's bedtime. I know when I'm squinting through one eye to type, I've waited too long. It's frustrating, especially, because today was outstanding on so many levels.

I took some assessments in preparation for a job I am applying for, and passed with flying colors. Note: At some point I'm really going to look back and figure out at what point I went from Preparing for things = BAD vs. Doing no preparation and expecting the best=GOOD.

That one will be much sooner than later.

Then, I got stuck in an elevator, which honestly, was one of the best parts of my day. I got to help an injured woman this afternoon, which was really fulfilling, but it saddened me that no one else came running to her aid. I assumed if you saw a person hurt, you helped them, no questions asked. I want those people to be the ones surrounding me the closest.

Came home, met with a realtor, which really is a huge entry that needs to be written tomorrow, took a bath with my new favorite thing - massage oil in the tub (lemon verbena and ginger, if you're curious), and now i'm going to return to reading a book and trying to take my fuzzy head and slow it down. The good thing about good things is that they multiply. The bad things about good things is they make a girl wind up feeling invincible. Payday does that, too, though.

Sweet dreams.

Holy crap, kids.

Admit it.