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Wong's Peak.

I'm going to open a Chinese food store in Colorado and name it Wong's Peak. Million dollar idea. Politically incorrect? Probably. But it would be huge in the Front Range.

So, it's a superb mood day. I'm presently watching an ABC Family original musical I DVR'd, I have an as-of -yet undetermined hair color on my head, I got a new shirt, my daughter is coming to work with us tomorrow, today was gorgeous, there's an enormous full moon, I started reading a great new book, I made a killer tuna salad today...

Nothing has changed since the morbid mood of last week other than my attitude. Life is crazy. I'll take it.

I do wish I had a cheeseburger right now. And a huge cola of some sort.

You know, I didn't check the news at all today. I sort of think that the whole media circuit is out to do us all in. Life is significantly more simple when you don't have the weight of the world's problems resting on your shoulders. I'm all for making this planet a better place, but it's unfair to put the unspoken obligation on everyone's shoulders. Be kind, do good, try hard, forgive often. It's not that difficult.

This program is horrendous...ly AWESOME. Holy crap.

Too tired.