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Red cheeks.

When Lily is tired, her cheeks turn red. It's a telltale sign. Her cheeks are tomato red this evening. This was her first day back to school since having thoroughly enjoyed her Spring Break.

I, too, am pretty wiped out. Aside from the fact that I went to bed with a lot of emotional upheaval churning around in my brain like electricity in a thundercloud, I went out on a limb and tried something new today, and that something wiped me the hell out.

Today, for the first time ever, I auditioned for something non-theater related. Life pushed me into it. I rarely look at audition postings. After having done a play last year, and determining that I'm not really the theater production type, and knowing that if I want to join an improv group in town, all I would really need to do is say the word, there's essentially no need. However, last week, when a posting showed up on my Facebook feed, I opened it.

The notice indicated a company was looking for an improviser who had experience knitting, sewing, crocheting, or cake decorating. This particular company also hosts one of my mother's all-time favorite websites. And an acquaintance of mine is the production manager. Hey Universe, what's up?

They are looking for someone to host an online weekly webcast. I could be the crafty Internet version of Kathie Lee Gifford!

So, I auditioned today. The experience made me sweat a lot, and I spoke way too fast. But! I did it. I performed a craft demonstration in front of an actual camera. Tomorrow I'll know whether or not I was cast. My hopes aren't especially high, but really, the major accomplishment was stepping out of my comfort zone and trying something new, which I did.

This occurred during my lunch hour. I spoke to my folks while driving back to work, and without realizing it at the time, all the adrenaline that had managed to proliferate to a really obscene level during the audition began to weep out of my pores at an alarming rate. Within an hour of my return to the office, I was utterly wiped out.

Fast forward to now. I am so stinking tired. Considering how twirly I've been emotionally, I'm happy that I'm not feeling particularly vicious.

So, we'll see tomorrow. Right now, I have a date with a banana, some peanut butter, a biscuit, and some honey.

And so it is.