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To love is to be vulnerable. -C.S. Lewis

I have to stop and consider that perhaps I'm going through all that I'm going through to love better. I've waved my white flag and claimed defeat against myself, and in so doing, have had friends rise up in ways I never could have imagined.

Several things happened today that left me nearly breathless. I was talking about my blog with someone earlier today, and found myself reflecting on other journals I've had in the past, which led me to journals written by friends. I wound up discovering this:

Dust, everywhere, growing from any corner or crevice your eyes might land upon. Months, years of neglect collecting like tree-rings around a well-worn spot I'd come to call home. Time has burned some away, yes. More than time, though: hope.


"Hope"? An awesome word. An even better concept.

Hope is what guides me, regardless of catchy slogans.

Hope is what I won't cheapen with quick anecdotes of what I've learned lately...

My friend Chris wrote that in 2005. God, I miss him.

Coincidentally, a friend of mine who was brought into my life as a direct result of Chris posted this on her Facebook today:

I don't know what that website is, but more power to them for sharing this.  Life is desperately trying to remind me that hope is ever-present. I feel like I'm doing a slow motion trust fall with myself, but surrounding me are all these friends. My ego keeps trying to push them out of the picture, but they are stubborn, strong, amazing people.

So, despite the scratchy throat of doom and the lingering sadness, I'm hopeful right now. Bill Withers' Lovely Day just came on. However, I'd already promised myself I'd close with the video below, because a few minutes ago, I watched my daughter dance to it in our family room, and that, THAT, was an awesome thing to see.


Happy plate.

But I don't waaaannnnnnnna write.