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Hoo boy.

I allowed a thought to creep into my head tonight. It's not one I dwell on often, because usually I can shoot it down if it lingers for more than a millisecond.

Here it comes.

I'd love to do hair-dos and makeup for people. And get paid for it. I don't think I'd ever want to cut or color peoples' hair, nor do I think I'd want to wax folks. I'd want to fancy people up for events, or just because. People deserve to look and feel good about themselves, and they don't need an excuse to do so. In fact, now that I've said it out loud, I think I'd prefer to do it just because.

Thanks to Pinterest tonight, I figured out how to pretend to have bangs. I learned it by watching a video online created by a teenage girl.

Huh? Huh? Not bad, right? This was the picture that inspired me to make my confession. A friend of mine on Facebook was reflecting on his decision to open a catering business - he noted that he had never worked in a restaurant or a kitchen prior to starting his business. What? DANG. I want that kind of courage to be churning in my gut. If I haven't done something before, well, so what? That doesn't mean I shouldn't try.

Why not me, right?

I'm tired. After being nearly completely bedridden for four days, I returned to work today, and it wore me out. My brain still needs some recuperation time. Overall, though, speaking from the bipolar end of things, I'm feeling a lot more grounded than last week when everything felt desperate and out of control. Thanks to a wonderful friend, I now have an appointment set with a new psychiatrist. That's huge.

As much as I'd like to write more, I've had a headache for some time now, and I think I need a break from the computer screen.

Look, kids. Big Ben...Parliament.