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Holy crackers.

There is truly so much I could write about today. I had a great day at work. Lots of people made me smile. I got to visit my phenomenal psychologist. After work, I shopped. Further, I have realized that sometime in the last few months, I started liking shopping again. Emily and I got to stroll around the 16th Street Mall. We went to a wine tasting, which was lovely, and I was again reminded of how fortunate I am that Emily is in my life and such a great friend. On our way home, Emily's entire tire flew off her car as we were careening from one highway onto another and wound up stuck on the blind left shoulder of this on-ramp of doom. I blew into full panic mode, Emily got stuck laughing uncontrollably, and we wound up being rescued by a state trooper. We're safe, and both home now. We have no idea where her tire flew off to, but all I care about is that we're alive. A load of medicine was just taken to ensure I sleep like the dead tonight, and I'm fading fast. However, I want to emphasize the importance of knowing that any moment could be your last moment, so take what you've got, put it to work, and start making your life better now. And love the people in your life hard, and passionately, and be thankful for what you have. One thing about the let-down of adrenaline after a panic attack is that it's all consuming. I am utterly useless now.It's possible I'll be wildly overly affectionate tomorrow. It could happen. More of this will be expounded upon when I'm wholly present. Now? I get ice cream.


Look, kids. Big Ben...Parliament.