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When you fall off, you stand up and get back on.

I survived my weekend! After having slowed everything down so significantly over the course of the past month, I was anticipating this weekend would be wrought with stress and negativity. I performed at a fundraiser on Thursday, went to a happy hour on Friday, did overtime Saturday morning, and then worked my second job Saturday night.

I feel the need to defend why happy hour would be intimidating. Getting out of my social circle, for as outgoing as I am, can be difficult. Hell, I think it's hard for most adults to get out there and sincerely try to make new friends. Making a concerted effort and leaving yourself vulnerable like that is hard. 

Last night was crazy, in the best way possible - at least, when speaking about being on the job. However, I haven't exerted that much effort in awhile, and it really took its toll. I think (?) I might be catching a little something. I've taken it easy today; the most effort I put into anything was going to the library. Aside from that, I've been pretty much locked on the couch. Who took two naps today? This girl. Who is still tired? This girl.

Things I want to do:
Get some good green tea.
Find a place in Denver that sells washi paper.
Yoga in the morning.
Read some more of my book.
Look into joining one more volunteer organization.
Get a new battery for my pedometer.
Bring my balance ball to work tomorrow.
Develop a plan to clean my house in wee bits so it's not so overwhelming.
Pick up The Triplets of Belleville from DVD Stop.

This is how I do. Oh! I saw Dirty Rotten Scoundrels for the first time today. Now, I totally understand why so many people love it.

Thirsty. Must collect some ideas on writing prompts. Must also quit going berserk with adding things to a to-do list.

It's a marathon, not a sprint.

Seize the day.