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I'm not sure how to log my exercise on my journal today, because I can't seem to find "walked slowly while hauling a 50-lb. child in a wagon" anywhere. Which I did. For three hours.

Today has been absolutely outstanding. The sun is shining, the birds are chirping, the wind isn't blowing. We went to the zoo, we went to the library, we spent time with one of our favorite people, we ate delicious food...and we took some fantastic pictures, but I can't figure out how to upload them. Argh.

It's really hard for me focus right now. I'm exhausted and lying on the couch with a cat sprawled across my boobs.

I was trying to look at the cat with disdain, but it doesn't appear that my "disdain" face translates well. He chills out on my chest whenever I'm on the computer.
Lily is, from what I can tell, equally exhausted. However, she is simultaneously watching Megamind, clutching two not-small stuffed animals, and attempting to balance precariously on her Razor scooter. In the house. This is the set-up for the big action sequence of my afternoon - I can feel it.
Yeah, the synapses aren't firing. Instead, I'll present you with a couple of the few pictures taken on my cell phone while enjoying the Denver Zoo today:
Sculpture that looked like a dong.
I'll attempt something more insightful later. I stayed up late reading last night, and then woke up before 5:30 this morning for no reason. If I get under eight hours of sleep, it's not great. If I get less than seven hours, I go to Code Bert, occasionally Code Ernie.
I'm making up for my lack of content with pictures. Anybody else remember this? It boggles my mind that it was a big deal eight years ago:
Right. Off to do things requiring less physical activity now. This typing really sucks the energy right out of you.


This one's for the ladies.