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This one's for the ladies.

Damn I know some awesome women - strong, inspiring, creative, hysterical women. So, as goes my stream of consciousness, I figured I'd write all of you a collective love letter:

Hey Girl,

I just want you to know how much you inspire me. You make me want to be better, try harder, and celebrate more. You make me want to be an amazing mom, a remarkable friend, and one who appreciates and finds gratification in herself.

You are so overwhelmingly supportive. When I convince myself I can't do something, you show me how I can do it. You're patient. I dig that. You know where that line is between taking me seriously and reminding me not to take myself so seriously.

If you could see you through my eyes, you would be amazed by how awesome you are. You would know that I feel better about myself as a direct result of how your life has integrated with mine. You would know you are beautiful, especially when you're brave.

Thank you always, always, for being my friend.


Confession: I just spent a really obscene amount of time scanning through countless "Hey Girl" memes, trying to find the perfect one that suited the humor of the vast majority of my lady friends. The time spent constructing the origami dolphin came nowhere close to what I just invested in surfing for the perfect Ryan Gosling picture/quote.

I got all excited when I saw this one, but I misread it. I thought it said "Let's just move to a house in the woods. We can make our own soup."

For some reason, finding out it was about soap made me a bit sad. I'd much prefer to make soup, and I think it's funnier that way. If I knew the first thing about piecing together pictures and words, just know I would have made the soup one for you. God help us on the day I figure out how to put my own pithy quotes to random pictures I've likely stolen from somewhere on the internet.

I really do have awesome friends. Keep doin' what you do.

PS - I was intentionally looking for this song, but I couldn't shake the image of Nell Carter in my mind. "Gimme a Break" somehow didn't seem appropriate, though. Huh.