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Ten Minutes.

I have to start somewhere. When I get the urge to make changes, I want them all to happen immediately, and simultaneously. Unfortunately, this doesn't happen. I know, I'm as shocked as you are. Anyway, one of the changes I was hoping to adapt was a daily writing habit. Specifically, a ten-minute daily writing habit. It doesn't seem like it should be too difficult. I can only imagine all of the ways I spend time during the day that would be better spent writing.

But, this is not a space for me to tear myself apart. So, we'll just opt to take a different path right now.

A headache has been plaguing me for about six hours now. I drank water, took headache medicine, ate some food, got a neck rub, and yet, it's still there. It's not paralyzing, but it's definitely an irritation. I was going to use it as the excuse to put off this new habit, actually. But, I managed to push through it.

There is a friend of mine at work who never complains. It just struck me today, that I never hear him talk about being too tired, too overworked, too...whatever. He can state things as facts, but he doesn't pity himself, nor does he seek out pity from others. I really value that in him, and I'd like to work on that more in my daily life. Starting now, that's going to be a goal.

I had a journal on here four years ago where I documented things my daughter was doing. We'll call her ... man. What will we call her? Kiwi. Sure. Anyway, I stopped doing that, and I realized upon reading the old entries, that I managed to capture some good stuff.

Today I watched her eat the equivalent of about three cups of lettuce. She announced that she's a big fan of leafy greans. That's definitely good news. She was tired tonight, doing a lot of climbing and then falling over. And her little cheeks were red - that's a clear giveaway.

I told her over the weekend that we were going to start doing monthly mother/daughter activities, and I'm going to hold myself to that. Spending time one on one with her is pretty outstanding. So far, I've come up with taking her to tea, going on a nature hike, painting pottery together, maybe taking a dance class or something together, or going to a play. We went to the zoo as a family yesterday and had a really nice time.

BAM! Ten minutes.