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Sleep is so not for the weak.

I slept last night. I feel like I should have led that sentence with, "BEHOLD!!" It's a big deal.

Saturday Night Live just started, and Justin Timberlake is hosting and starring. I am unrealistically excited about this. I'm not sure if I'll be able to stay awake for the whole thing, but (BEHOLD!) we have it recording right now.

Today we got snow dumped on us. I have a feeling we'll be frolicking outside tomorrow. Today was spent indoors, doing origami and spending a really embarrassing amount of time on Pinterest. I love Pinterest. Let's write a haiku:

(Argh! I just realized I didn't set the timer for ten minutes.)

(That was not part of the haiku - neither is this.)

Pinterest is great
For people like me - big dreams
So many hair-dos!

Admittedly, my weakness is the hair. I've become known for my hair-dos at work. It's awesome. I love to braid. I love that my hair is long enough to braid. I want to braid other people's hair. This might be the right time to admit openly I have a problem.

Oh dear God, it's Steve Martin. I love Steve Martin. Steve, if you're reading this - hello. I love your work.

Isn't that weird? Knowing there's a shot that a famous person could just happen to stumble across just anybody's writing on the Internet?

Ooh, pretty sure I've hit my ten minutes. My brain is fried and shooting off in a bazillion directions at once. So many changes make for a frenetic girl. I want to make fun of myself for this, but I'll allow this passive-aggressive remark to suffice.

MARTIN SHORT! I love this episode already. So much.

Mental Illness.

No good, very bad day.