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Seize the day.

Last night, I didn't write because I'd left the computer in the bedroom, and as someone was already sleeping in there, I used it as a reasonable excuse to not journal. I didn't really have much to say, really. I slept Monday night, which was wildly exciting.

No joke, it was really exciting.

Last night I was not as successful. Woe is me. However, I'm awake, and the computer is in hand, so here it is. I'm happy about it getting warmer outside, and for the sunshine. I'm really looking forward to when flowers start to bloom and things get green around here again. This year, I hope to construct a little garden - why do I feel like I've already written about this? I bet I have. Dang.

Tomorrow, I have library books to return. Lily's library books. This suggests that I need to get onto Goodreads and pick out some new books for her. I love putting stuff on hold. It makes the experience so convenient. There's a book of poetry waiting there for me, too.

It's curious. Since I've cut out the vast majority of improv, I've found myself exploring arts in different formats. Origami has become a great mindful hobby, and obviously I've been writing more, and just today, I found myself on Craigslist, searching for pianos. It would be so incredible to own a piano again, to be able to play it at home and start teaching Lily.

The other thing I'd really like to do is make my workspace a  healthier place. I want plants at work. And softer lighting.

One of my guilty pleasure shows, Pretty Little Liars, and reduced itself to creepy carnival. I have a friend who is afraid of clowns. I suppose...When did whimsy become creepy? It reminds me of the puppetry museum we visited in Atlanta. They had a room full of marionettes that was pretty weird. Oh crap. I just googled it and found this picture. It is spooky.

I need to roast the cauliflower in my fridge. And remember to bring the salad ingredients with me to work. This morning, I forgot the apple cider vinegar. Did you know that apple cider vinegar is some sort of miracle juice? I wonder if it helps with pimples. I have one right beneath my lower lip.

Why am I thinking there was something else worth writing about? I mean, there always is something to write about, I suppose.

Tomorrow: Library books, salad ingredients, sandwich, sanity. If I can remember that stuff, I'm set.

When you fall off, you stand up and get back on.