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Happy Easter, friends. I've been reflective today, considering the holiday as I choose to interpret it. I've dwelled on personal rebirth, giving myself permission to go for it in the biggest sense possible.

I am happy with where my spiritual path has led me. The church we attend now suits who I am and how I look at life. Personally, I can't follow a path that indicates I have to live a specific way, raise my kid to do exactly like I do, and most importantly, do all of it because I owe someone a lifelong debt of service who died 2,000 years ago.

No offense meant to anyone who practices any religion (or doesn't), by the way. The way I see it, you do what makes you happy, and helps to bring out your best. Do good deeds because it's what motivates you, not because it's what you should do. Be gentle and forgiving because you can, not because you're obligated. Laugh because it makes you feel better, and because life wasn't meant to be taken so seriously.

Our minister today used the story of Jesus and the tomb as a parallel to how we see ourselves. He suggested that we turn inward to see what's keeping us trapped, and recognize that whatever it is, we can move beyond it by accepting that everything in and around us is good and pushes us towards our highest potential. It's owning how awesome you are, and recognizing how amazing everyone around you is, and working together and treating eachother with kindness whenever possible.

For me, specifically, it's letting go of anxiety, and really focusing on positive change and loving who I am, right now.

There was metaphor he used, something about looking at the story of Christ from an alternate perspective. Instead of placing the emphasis on the interpretation that he died for our sins, to instead shift focus and recognize that he lived so that we could awaken to our fullest potential.

I don't like guilt. I don't think guilt should ever be used to motivate anyone to do anything, if at all possible. Too often, I will consider not doing something, and then feel bad about it and consequently castigate myself, before any action one way or the other has even been taken. That is a major challenge I have. I'd much rather act out of love - if not for someone else, than for the sake of myself.

I had no clue today was going to impact me as much as it did. I'm glad it has. I never used to be someone who embraced religion, or spirituality. I looked at it as something to hide (much like my political beliefs). There are times I still do, because acknowledging I am a spiritual person makes me feel vulnerable somehow.

Sidenote: It just occurred to me that I don't have a real strong sense of what I mean when I drop the word "spirituality," other than knowing I possess it. Huh.

Anyway, to step out of my comfort zone, I will offer this: If anyone ever wants to check out my place of spiritual celebration, either in person or online (the services are available online), please reach out to me.

Lots of love.


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