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Dirty snail.

I opened up the computer to write a bit, and instead of just starting to write, I sat here and stared at the computer and the only thing I could think about was that I had a headache. But, in my mind, I said I had a haddock.

This, of course, led to me looking up this song:

I'm short-tempered, tired, and short-tempered. And tired. This morning, I bought clothes online. I don't know if I've ever done that for myself. Then, I went to the mall and spent even more money. I have buyer's remorse now. I shouldn't. I told myself (and have been told by lots of others) that when I work hard at something, I should reward myself.

Food has been my reward for most things. I'm not referring to good food, either. Just food. I didn't buy any food today. I bought myself a dress and some body mist. I bought Lily two pairs of shoes, two shirts, and Easter stuff. Oh, and I got gas.

It's hard to buy myself gifts that aren't related to eating or drinking. The hard work I've done hasn't really been all that hard, but it has definitely been a change of habit.

I want a jacuzzi. Actually, I want to go to a spa. The only spa experience I know is the one perpetuated in movies and TV shows. So, I need a big fluffy robe, mud, a hot massage therapist, cucumbers on my eyes, and champagne. 

When I'm cranky, I get wickedly noise-sensitive. I think it might be time to go hide in my bedroom. Maybe I'll look up spas in the mountains.


Ninja Feelings.