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YOU GUYS. I am writing, despite being tired to the point of freezing to death. I get ridiculously cold when I'm tired. You'd think I would have looked up how to combat this by now, but I haven't. I want a jacuzzi, or a heated waterbed. Do people still have waterbeds? I haven't seen one since college.

From what I recall, it is awkward to make out on a waterbed, in case you were curious.

Daylight Savings Time has kicked my butt. Fortunately, I was able to rest during my lunch hour today, but I am still dragging serious ass. I'm in bed and it's not yet 8:00. Or maybe it is. It's early - I do know that. I really want a hot fudge sundae, with a focused emphasis on the hot and the fudge.

I signed on readily prepared to write about something, but I'll be damned if I can remember what it was now. I remembered to bring home everything I wanted to bring home from work today, which was an accomplishment. And I also brought things into work that I'd wanted to bring in. I need to personalize my workspace a lot more. I figured that...WHOA DAMN. Cat just jumped on my head. I'm fine.

As I was saying - I have a bookshelf at home with my favorite books that I never re-read. So, I'm going to start bringing them to work and setting up a bookshelf of sorts on one side of my desk. I also need to get some more pictures, and fabric for the walls.

Found a new way to get from one part of town to another today. That actually was a high point of my day. Another high point of my day involved picking up a book I had on hold at the library. I'm reading so much now that I have all this free time. I'm reinvesting in my life, and it feels uncertain, but good.

I have nothing exciting to say.I have to counsel tomorrow morning, and I have a conference call tomorrow. Hmm.

...nope. I am lying here trying to come up with something to discuss, and I've got nothing. I had a lot of dreams I remembered last night, and I also listened to a podcast where I heard a story about Thich Nat Hanh and how he came to terms with his mother's death. And while her body was indeed, gone, her soul maintained its presence. Coincidentally, I'm also listening to an audiobook about cadavers right now. It's a non-fiction book that's actually pretty fascinating - I'd recommend it.

Not sure what all the death stuff means. It might just be indicative that life goes on in all sorts of forms. I'm trying to pay more attention to the messages around me.

Honest to God, I'm pretty sure this is the longest fifteen minute time frame every on record. I'm tempted to check my other browser window to see if the timer stopped working, but I'm nearly positive it didn't. Have some faith, Katherine.

I'm ready for springtime, and flowers. Lily and I are going to plant a garden this spring. I know nothing of gardens. I'm not sure if we're doing flowers, or vegetables, or a combination of both.

Ah-HA! Timer went off. Saved by the bell.

Seize the day.

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