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105, 106, 107, 108, 109, one million!

I can say with confidence my daughter can count to 109. From that point forward, things get creative.

The snow began to fall on our commute home from work. For the first time, the sun was out and it was snowing. I was looking for a rainbow, but couldn't hunt one down. Within 30 minutes the temperature dropped 10 degrees. Welcome to Spring! Here's another snow storm for you to enjoy on the weekend!

I shouldn't complain. It's beautiful, and it blows through fast and melts even faster. Still, it's daunting how fast it can go from one end of the weather spectrum to the other.

I think tomorrow I'm going to write in the morning. I've enrolled in a 6-week motivational writing course, which goes outside my comfort zone, but I think it'll be a great experience. It starts in two weeks.

Tomorrow we are tentatively set for a dinner date with some good friends of ours, and then I'm set to go out dancing. Sunday, we have a wedding to attend. Yaaaaay. Not anticipating the wedding. The pomp and circumstance surrounding weddings just overwhelms me. Simple is better, in my opinion. Invite your friends, express your love, be whimsical, and don't freak out about the details.

Pretty sure I'd make a crappy wedding planner, unless there's a market for low maintenance weddings. It seems counterproductive that you'd hire a wedding planner for a low-key wedding.

My goal this weekend is to fold a fish, watch an old flick, find a new book to read, and clean a bathroom.

Until then, I drink wine.

Well, that was a good start.